30.09.23 – 07.10.23

Istria (1)

From Pomer to Sukošan

Welcome to an exciting sailing trip along the enchanting coast of Istria! Let's embark on a unique adventure together, where sailing is not only a leisure activity, but also an opportunity to regain your balance and build your resilience. Take the helm yourself!
We would like to invite you to leave a challenging time ashore and discover a new horizon together with people in similar life situations - and perhaps leave the ship with new perspectives afterwards.

The route of our first cruise will take us from our starting harbour of Pomer at the southern end of Istria through the enchanting island landscape of Kvarner Bay to the northern Dalmatian coast, where we will enter our destination harbour of Sukošan a few nautical miles south of Zadar.
Experience with us the freedom that a sailing boat brings as a means of transport! Depending on the weather conditions and the preferences of the group, we can decide on our exact route and our moorings on site. There are plenty of opportunities: rustic fishing villages, picture-book beaches, picturesque bays, the flower island of Ilovik, where there are no cars but all the more butterflies...

The area also offers good sailing conditions with moderate winds. Only when the bora blows can it get a bit stormy. But don't worry, our experienced skipper Philipp and our co-skipper Kilian will always bring you to a safe harbour.

Whether you have previous sailing experience or are setting sail for the first time, our voyage aims to provide you with unforgettable experiences that go far beyond the horizon. Get ready to set sail, both literally and figuratively, and discover the fascinating world of sailing amidst a picturesque Mediterranean backdrop. For our first reSAILience cruise, we invite you to come on board and set sail with us!
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We look forward to the adventure with you!

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