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When planning our trips, we attach particular importance to the composition of the crews, which usually consist of participants with similar diagnoses. On the sailing boat we offer them a protected environment in which they can discuss difficult topics free of social stigma. This gives participants the opportunity to learn from each other and at the same time positively influence the life experiences of other people affected. This is how a powerful community is created on a seven to fourteen day adventure trip.


Many of those affected fall into passivity through no fault of their own because the illness overwhelms them and those around them. It is often difficult for them to break out of the dynamic of resting and avoiding exertion in everyday life.
On the sailing boat they are freed from their usual worries and tasks. At the same time, they have to face the internal and external challenges of a sailing trip without the support of family and friends. The participants have the chance to rediscover their ability to adapt to a new life situation and thus strengthen their self-efficacy to a particular extent.

Change of perspective

The unique nature experience of sailing enables people whose lives have changed substantially due to illness to feel carefree again. This feeling can help them change perspective, say goodbye to outdated life goals, and make bold new plans.

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