13.07.24 – 20.07.24

Baltic Sea (2) – Around Langeland or island hopping in the Danish South Sea

Baltic Sea: Around Langeland or island hopping in the Danish South Sea

Welcome to an unforgettable sailing trip along the picturesque Baltic Sea coast! We cordially invite you to come on board from 13 to 20 July 2024 and immerse yourself in the fascinating sailing world of the Baltic Sea with us.

The routes

Our journey starts and ends in the harbour of Wendtorf (near Kiel), an ideal starting point for an exciting sailing adventure. Depending on weather conditions and wind, we will choose one of the following routes:

Option 1: Around Langeland
In one week, we have the opportunity to circumnavigate the enchanting island of Langeland. We will dock in various harbours on the island, explore picturesque villages and experience the diversity of this unique region.

Option 2: island hopping in the Danish South Sea
This option takes us to the charming islands of the Danish South Seas. A particular highlight is Ærø, an easily accessible island with a breathtaking landscape and numerous sights. Further north, the small island of Lyø has its own charm and is well worth a visit.

What's waiting for you?

No matter which route we choose - a week full of freedom and adventure awaits you. You have the opportunity to actively participate in the sailing and take the helm yourself. Our experienced skippers will always support you and ensure that we return safely to our port of destination. In the summer months, the wind in the Baltic Sea is often moderate and therefore offers perfect conditions for both beginners and experienced sea dogs.

Whether you already have sailing experience or are setting sail for the first time, we look forward to experiencing an exciting sailing trip with you. Get ready to set sail and discover the fascinating world of sailing on the Baltic Sea with us.

If you would like to join us, simply apply via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps setting sail together soon.

The yacht

As the "Five Oceans", a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389, is normally used for training sailing trips on the Baltic Sea, we are very lucky to be travelling on an absolutely top-equipped sailing boat. More information about the yacht can be found here.

Our skippers

Julian is an experienced sailing instructor and has already skippered many sailing trips on the Baltic Sea. If you ask his previous fellow sailors, it is his relaxed manner and unfailing good humour that make him stand out. Our co-skipper Hendrik is a sea dog who has been sailing since he was seven years old and always keeps a cool head.

Who is the trip aimed at?

We want to connect young adults who are faced with the challenges of a serious diagnosis. Of course, we are thinking here of haematological-oncological diseases, but we also want to explicitly address people who are struggling with relapsing neurological, autoimmune or respiratory diseases, for example. What diseases from this spectrum have in common is that the treatment goal is generally not an immediate cure and the uncertainty can therefore become an everyday companion. Away from this everyday life, we want to strengthen resources with you and break down stigmas.

One of the possible routes

In a nutshell

We will be sailing on the Baltic Sea from 13 to 20 July 2024. Our start and finish harbour is in Wendtorf near Kiel. Whether we sail around Langeland or go island hopping in the Danish South Sea depends on the weather.

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